Single-case studies

The single-case approach allows us to develop locally fitting development strategies.

We focus on your neighborhood, city, or region and study it intensively. Our studies are targeted at identifying upcoming trends of living and working that are not mainstream yet, but may come, or may be driven to become mainstream, if desired. The single-case approach allows to complement statistical data by identifying those non-average activities that may rise to importance in the future and, hence, should not be overlooked now. Such trends and developments are often contextual and, thus, they need to be discovered locally. Only with this approach it is possible to identify, e.g., a just-forming local cluster of entrepreneurial activity. Therefore, we refrain from simply copying standardized development plans and ideas. That said, we draw from our international experience to flag situations and decisions that we consider may not lead to a prosperous neighborhood, keeping in mind examples of successful and failed recent developments in other places.