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Every region, every city, and every neighborhood has its individual growth potential. We help you to identify and realize these individual potentials that are needed to let your place flourish.

Our urban and regional development strategies are aiming at growth, prosperity, and value creation. These goals can be reached with lean governmental structures. This typically involves more freedom and less regulations. Prosperity comes from creative inventions, innovation, and novelty.

We are looking at ways to enable, unleash, and include local creativity. We apply newly-developed tools & methods that allow us to identify such ways. As a result, our development strategies build on the innovative activities of your citizens in the many realms of life, be it the cultural, economic, or political realms, or in the specific ways of making use of urban infrastructure and technology.

Tools & Methods

We apply a four-dimensional framework to cover all planning-relevant areas of life. We call it the CEPT framework, where C stands for the cultural, E for the economic, P for the political, and T for the technical area. Mentalities, beliefs, myths ... ⏵ more

The single-case approach allows us to develop locally fitting development strategies. We focus on your neighborhood, city, or region and study it intensively. Our studies are targeted at identifying upcoming ... ⏵ more

From entrepreneurship sciences we learned how to actively drive developments for a prosperous, innovative future. Whenever we look at local potentials – in citizens, businesses, townscape, etc. – and advise our clients to ... ⏵ more

Our take on cities and regions is rooted in complex systems sciences. We know that developments cannot be strictly foreseen or planned in all their details. One reason is that ... ⏵ more

Case Studies

2016-09-14 Walloth – WUA presentation built heritage (P003, web, 144dpi, RGB).pdf
2017-09-14 Holubec – How to plan a small town in complex context (presentation to 2017).pdf
2016-08-29 Walloth – WUA flyer transport case (144dpi).compressed.pdf
2017-11-07 Michelin (edt by Walloth, 2018-03-21) – Le 104, a successful industrial reconversion in Paris’ periphery (C003.pdf
2017-03-10 Walloth – WUA presentation built heritage (P003[RO]s).pdf
2017-07-31 Michelin – Unlocking Local Potentials in Peripheries (P004w).compressed.pdf
2017-08-02 Verga – Milan Case Study (for booklet, proofread).compressed.pdf
2016-08-28 Walloth – WUA flyer complexity and emergence (144dpi).compressed.pdf