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Public Sector

Cities and Municipalities | Counties and Regions | Ministries and Institutions

Working daily for the best interest of your city or region, you know about the effort to compete for creative citizens, innovative businesses, reliable investors, and tourists. You also know that efficient and "smart" means of transportation and communication need to connect citizens and businesses. And you may want your metropolitan region to be strong and to navigate the changing fashions of sustainable, resilient, smart, sharing, and circular developments.

Would you like to identify and implement the right strategic projects to create a prosperous future?

Private Sector

Developers | Local Business Associations | Trade Organizations

Creating and maintaining competitive advantage requires special local qualities that set your place apart from other places. Be it for the benefit of a modern neighborhood, a real estate project, to secure the attractiveness of a shopping street, or to identify the factors that will let your startup incubator succeed – our carefully-timed and aligned activities will help you create vital places, revitalize existing ones , revive communities, and boost economic success.

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Civil Society

Citizen Associations | Community Projects | Cultural Organizations

Your citizen-led or cultural initiative has the potential to become the most important player in driving change in your community. You know how to identify and focus on your relevant change agents, tap and integrate all available local potential, organize crowdfunding campaigns, make relevant connections, prioritize well, and communicate clearly across different levels and domains. Our tools and methods can help your initiative grow to significance and make lasting changes.

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Private Real Estate

Homeowners | Housing Cooperatives | SMEs in Real Estate

Your (future) apartment, house, or commercial building may have much hidden value. Matching the market and preparing for developments in the near future is key to operate your assets in a most beneficial way. We inform you about the municipal or regional development plans that can affect your real estate value significantly. We also identify a city's or neighborhood's needs and development trends and help you meet the market and societal needs with your new or existing real estate investment.

Are you prepared for the changes to come in the neighborhood of your (planned) investment?