Dirk van de Putte, M.A.

Senior Development Advisor

Dirk van de Putte is Senior Urban Development Advisor and specialist for local and territorial governance as well as the successful consideration and integration of internal and external stakeholders in public and private development projects.

Next to his engagement at Walloth Urban Advisors, Dirk is Member of the Steering Committee of Citydev, the Brussel’s Regional Development Enterprise and member of the Steering Committee of FUP, For Urban Passion, a not-for-profit subsidiary of the Chamber of French-speaking Town Planners of Belgium (Chambre des Urbanistes de Belgique). As a member of ISOCARP, the International Society of City and Regional Planners, Dirk’s most recent engagements included the organization of the Brussel’s Workshop at the 2015 ISOCARP congress as well as the organization of a multi-day visit and expert workshop on the Brussels Canal Zone with selected international ISOCARP members in 2017.

Before joining Walloth Urban Advisors, Dirk held the position of vice director at ADT, the Territorial Development Agency of Brussels Capital Region. He was also Director at the Foyer Anderlechtois, the social housing company of Brussels-Anderlecht, and Director of the Mission Locale d’Anderlecht, the Local Mission for Employment, Socio-professional Involvement and Training. Further engagements included, among many others, the design and supervision of an ERDF-funded city marketing project for the Brussels canal zone, the promotion of a participatory territorial governance strategy, the development of various proposals for integrated local developments, and the supervision of changes in the governance of safety prevention services. Dirk has a dual education as a construction designer and historian.