Björn M. Neuhaus, M.A.

Associate Advisor

Björn M. Neuhaus is Associate Advisor and specialist for participatory processes, evaluations, and projects that involve not-for-profit and policy-based organizations. His interests focus on the interplay of society, organizations and individuals, on participatory processes, systemic approaches, and sustainable management. In different contexts he has learned to mediate between different stakeholders and to develop concepts that build on broad support.

Next to his engagement with Walloth Urban Advisors, Björn has been working as an evaluator since 2003 and has been working in (non-profit and policy-based) organizations for more than 20 years. Björn leads the Evaluation Standards Working Group of the Swiss Evaluation Society (SEVAL) and is actively involved in various other evaluation societies, e.g. the American Evaluation Association (AEA), the European Evaluation Society (EES), the Société Française d'Évaluation (SFE) and the (German-Austrian) Evaluation Society (DeGEval). He's also the contact person for evalux in Switzerland.

Björn studied cultural studies (social sciences, linguistics and economics) and mediation at the European-University Frankfurt (Oder) and in Poznan and Warsaw (Poland). He worked as a research assistant at the IDHEAP in Lausanne with Prof. Dr. Luzius Mader and Katia Horber-Papazian and as project manager at the department Evaluation of the Swiss Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (SFIVET) with Prof. Dr. Lars Balzer. Other stations were Avignon, Birmingham, Bonn and Paris.