Meet our team!

Dr.-Ing. Christian Walloth

CEO & Strategy Advisor

  • Top-level development projects and strategic plans
  • Urban and regional social and economic turnaround projects
  • Strategic project management and reorganization

Dirk van de Putte, M.A.

Senior Urban and Territorial Development Advisor

  • Urban and regional development projects
  • Local and territorial governance projects
  • Stakeholder management and participation

Elena Ogrezeanu, M.Sc.

Development Manager

  • Urban and regional project development
  • Real-estate projects
  • Team and project management

Björn M. Neuhaus, M.A.

Associate Advisor

  • Participatory projects
  • Not-for-profit and policy-based organization development
  • Evaluation projects

Pavel Holubec, Arch., Ph.D.

Urban Systems Analyst

  • Integrated development projects
  • Spatial analysis and planning
  • Development strategies

Ludovica Michelin, M.A.

Cultural Management Advisor

  • Revitalization projects
  • Local micro- and cultural-economic strategies
  • Cultural management

Pierluigi Ciullo, M.Sc.

Smart Cities Advisor

  • Smart City projects
  • Urban and regional analysis
  • Research